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A Spiritual App for the Workplace

November 9, 2012

I was sitting in a very serious Board meeting, glazed over from a too-heavy lunch, when my i-phone buzzed, alerting me to a new message. Desperate for a distraction, I sneakily pulled out my phone under the table, certain that no one would suspect a thing.

As if the idea of checking messages in the middle of a meeting never occurred to anyone else.

Anyway, I fired it up to see what delightful little morsel of digital treasure awaited me. And there, beaming joyfully from my LED display was this surprising message:

“God’s presence is peaceful and refreshing. Come spend a moment in his word and embrace his rest.”

Huh? Wait. Is this some kind of Jesus joke?

I snapped my head up, looking around at the other board members to see if anything had changed. Were fiery tongues falling from the ceiling? Is this how the second coming is being announced? Am I being Punk’d (the Christian version)?

No, the meeting was progressing as usual, with the same conversation continuing just as it had been. I reflected back upon that inspiring message, and suddenly pictured myself at the still waters of God’s loving presence. In that moment, something inside me changed – the internal spiritual me, my deeper core consciousness, was now suddenly reawakened and encouraged. I sat a little straighter and re-channeled my attention to the business at hand, more aware of the significance of my servanthood.

It turns out this strange spiritual interruption on the cell phone was nothing more than my new faith-in-the-workplace app, Bible Bloom, kicking in with a reminder which I had unwittingly set days ago. Which, if you think about it, is the main problem with integrating our spiritual lives with our work lives: We forget about God at work.

Now, don’t give me that look, like it never happens to you.

Everyone knows that the hardest part about integrating spiritual life with work is that we lose our spiritual perspective the minute we arrive at the office. Even if you’ve spent the wee hours in a most fired up spiritual devotion, followed by spirit-filled worship and praise songs on your commute, I can guarantee that by 10 am when the crap’s hit the fan, all good spiritual intentions will have dissolved into thin air.

Enter Bible Bloom, a nifty app with a bible reader, a specific set of prayers for use in the workplace, and of course the ever-important surprise reminder – all loaded onto your mobile device!

The nice thing about Bible Bloom is its portability. The entire bible is there at your fingertips, for a quick read at any moment – in between meetings, a breather between phone calls, or while making a necessary pit stop in the you-know-where (that same private place where I am observing more and more business being conducted in loud, echoing voices. I am not sure what to do with that). Or, you can pull up a handy prayer packet (a set of purposeful prayers that work like digital flash cards), take a deep breath and read a brief interlude to refocus your tender spirit while in the midst of the corporate mosh-pit.

The best thing about Bible Bloom is that when your co-workers see you pull out that cell phone in the middle of a conversation, they will think you are attending to urgent business matters – when really, you are reading secret bible messages! Oh, don’t worry, my spiritually inclined friend, for they will be none the wiser. That is, until they see the fiery tongues falling upon your head.

Click here to download your own Bible Bloom app!

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  1. November 9, 2012 9:53 am

    You sold me. I also like my SermonAudio app. My church uploads my pastor’s sermons to the site, and I can listen to any I miss. I tell my pastor it’s like being able to carry him around in my pocket.

    He probably prefers I not say that.

  2. J. Michael permalink
    November 9, 2012 10:18 am

    Great blog! Found my way here because of Bible Bloom and agree it is a unique app out there. Read thyrough some of your other work. Shrinking the Camel will be a new stop on my regular tour of the blog sites!

  3. November 9, 2012 11:12 am

    Bible Bloom. What a clever name and concept! Thanks for sharing but more importantly I appreciate your willingness to spread the love of Jesus in the consistent way and manner that you are so blessed to do.

  4. Aaron James permalink
    November 9, 2012 11:42 am

    Wow, I’m really liking this app. It’s nice with all the notifications I have going off everyday on my phone to see one reminding me to have a moment with God. Great find!

  5. November 9, 2012 11:46 am

    What a wonderful message.

  6. November 9, 2012 12:38 pm

    I also like the Fighter Verses app. It has a function (others may have as well) where you can put a scripture passage as your lock screen. Now I’m looking at scripture multiple times a day whenever I take out my phone.

  7. Cathy permalink
    November 9, 2012 9:58 pm

    Loved this blog. I love Bible Bloom as well!

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