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Three Questions to Ask About Your Spiritual Connection to Leadership

February 9, 2010

Last year I made a big stink about appearing as a guest speaker at an event that I eventually referred to simply as “The Event.” If you were there, you know what I’m talking about. If not, allow me to enlighten you. It was the Leadership & Spirituality program at Princeton’s Theological Seminary, where an incredible cross-section of business and church leaders came together last May to discuss what it means to connect a spiritual purpose to their careers.  We became an instant community.

If you missed it last year, then you are in luck. The Event is coming back again to Princeton, this time on April 11- 12, and I have the inside scoop on what promises to be a bigger and even more exciting program, with more speakers, more group interaction, and more terrific content relevant to our spirituality at work.

This year’s program is entitled, “Leadership and Spirituality: Finding our Greater Purpose.”  The platform for our discussion will be based on three very fundamental questions, which are good questions to think about regardless if you plan on attending.

1. Do you believe that you are completely safe, secure and unconditionally loved by God in your leadership role?

When we are driven by external factors, such as greed, insecurity, image or status, it is reflected negatively in our actions and behaviors at work. We become self-centered, insecure, anxious and controlling. Unfortunately, the competitive and unforgiving nature of the marketplace and organizational politics can often throw us headlong into these altered states of spiritual uncertainty and confusion. Instead of trusting God, we grab at everything else around us to build up our confidence and competence.

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